Chasing Words - Chronological Order (86 Pages)

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Since Forrest Fenn first released his book 'The Thrill of the Chase', he has appeared in a variety of public events, participated in numerous interviews publicly and privately, and answered many questions put to him.  

In 'Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn - Chronological Order', learn the many things Forrest and others have said and written (over 400 quotes and comments) specifically about the search for Forrest's treasure chest. With the statements in Chronological Order, you get a perspective of what Forrest and others have said since the beginning of the chase.  This allows you to see how Forrest's thoughts and words have evolved over time.

Bonus Document: For a limited time, get 'Original Stories of Forrest Fenn included in TTOTC'. 5 of Forrest's stories included in his memoir, 'The Thrill of the Chase, originally published in the West Yellowstone Newspaper prior to the release of his memoir.

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