Comments and Reviews by Other Searchers

Just bought both and am excited to start using it. Looks like a terrific tool for everyone from beginners to the “lifers”.

   - Bob M.


JCM – I will buy your combined version. Thanks! I asked for this on the blog a couple of months ago. Thanks for the timely response!!!!

   - DWRocks


…for the last couple of days I have been using a sophisticated, yet easy to use tool that gives me precise locations to hundreds of Forrest Fenn quotes. This TOOL was created by J. C. Merritt, AKA JCM and I find it indispensable. Not only is it a great tool…but I have fun playing with it too…

I cannot imagine the number of hours Mr. Merritt has tossed into this project…well…actually I can, which is why I never tried to put one together myself…

Anyone who spends time trying to dig out the truth from the fiction about what Forrest has actually said is going to NEED this electronic book.

I am NOT getting money or favors from Mr Merritt for promoting his book. I bought the combined version and paid the full price for it and I love the darn thing. Finally…something useful and beneficial to the chase.

   - Dal Neitzel


Just bought mine. This is what I was wanting to do but never sat down to do. Once I looked into what is was going to take I realized that this was a lot more computer work than I’m capable of.

   - Timothy


…I think JC probably did a good job, and it would be a big help to most searchers. … I’ve said for a long time people should listen and read Fenn’s comments in chronological order and in context as a whole. … JC’s efforts will surely help with all of the false information that gets posted.

   - Goofy


JCM, thank you for creating a helpful tool!

   - Wild West Wendy Jo


I don’t know if my endorsement carries any weight, but I will get the books, Seeker. JCM could very well have unearthed something I have missed. … I have bought only one other searcher’s book, ... But as I said, I will definitely get JCM’s!!!!

   - Locolobo


I got it. Its an interesting read. I just started. … You are right about it being worth while. I’d never go back and listen to all those interviews.

   - 21ponies


Ordered my copy! Thanks for putting something like this together! It’s going to save so much time for searchers like me that are tech stupid. I’m sure I’ve missed so much that f has said because I can’t get links to work or I get lost in cyberspace trying to track something down. … I am excited to look at things in chronological order. I can see how that might give some good insight into things.
Thanks again!

   - WY Girl


JCM, Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us… You have things organized in a better format than what I was trying to do. Great tool, I think I’ll be using it more than my own notes… lol

   - Joe/Canyondown


OK folks.. ya really need to take advantage of JCM’s hard work. Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn – by JCM

   - Seeker