About us

Thanks for visiting our store.  Our family has been searching for the treasure of Forrest Fenn since early 2013.  We have had several grand adventures into the Rocky Mountains, seen some very beautiful locations, and had a lot of fun in the process.

We live in Utah and thus have easy access to much of the search area (though Southern CO and Northern NM is a bit out of the way). We have four busy kids, the youngest who we adopted through foster care.  Three of our four busy kids have autism (our adopted child has autism and fetal alcohol syndrome); Dad has his regular full-time professional job, and Mom, having been an elementary school teacher, is currently pursuing a master's degree in therapy and autism while also working to get the required experience to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

About a year ago, we started to consider the idea of making the collection of Forrest's words available to everyone searching for Forrest's treasure.  We knew it would be a time consuming task to properly organize and verify all the information and set up a store to make it available.  

We determined that doing so would be a huge benefit to many others who are at various stages of the chase.  For those just starting out, this collection becomes a valuable tool and resource that helps save hundreds of hours of searching, reading, and listening to audio and video recordings.  For those who have been around the chase for a while, it provides a list of familiar, not so familiar, and maybe even some never-before seen or heard statements from Forrest. 

We hope that all who engage in the Thrill of the Chase are rewarded, find fun and adventures, and maybe even learn something new about themselves, through their research and expeditions into the Rocky Mountains.