Finding Indulgence

Finding Indulgence

How many trips to the correct location will it take to find the treasure of Forrest Fenn?  Having gone through six summers, with many searchers ready for the seventh summer to arrive, I think it is safe to say that finding the elusive treasure chest won’t happen on a searcher’s first trip out; many tens of thousands of tries have pretty well proven that point.  If anything, Forrest is correct in that it is difficult; and the other part that he says about it not being 'impossible' – well I suppose anywhere from 100 years to 1000 years of an unfound chest might tip the scale toward the impossible side.

Looking back at comments from Forrest about the chase, the first quote from Forrest about people getting clues correct came in September 2012.

Several months ago some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close.

There have been more statements from Forrest since then and I feel it safe to say that a person CAN figure out the first two clues from home, whatever they may be.  In analyzing this comment, I would say that the first searchers went past all the clues and the treasure chest probably in May or June of 2012.  In the four summers since, we know others have been there too; but at best, only one may have solved the first four clues according to Forrest’s unsure statement.
The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.

My guess is that the person who is successful will very quietly solve the clues and walk to the treasure with a smile on their face.

For several years, searchers argued that the clues could be solved before-hand and talked up the idea that one would go ‘with confidence’ and ‘with a smile’.  A few others maintained that it would require boots-on-the-ground (BOTG) to solve the other clues, but this idea never seemed to be the mainstream view.
Then this unpublished Q&A from the past recently came to light:
Q. How much progress can be made by someone just thinking and searching the Internet from home? (Another way of saying this: How many clues can only be decoded in situ?)
A. All of them, in theory, but not likely in practice. A searcher must go to the site to find the treasure.
(May 15)

So now the idea is moving towards the need to be on-site to figure out the clues.  But what about the searchers in the past that have been there and went past the other seven clues?  What will be different if more people are also able to correctly figure out the first two clues?  When it comes to people, I think history likes to repeat itself.  And what will it take to figure it out on sight, and can it be done in one trip or will more than one be required? 
Consider more of what Forrest has said:
Sage says don’t try and carry it home in one trip

Q. In your mind, who would be the best person or family to find this treasure?
A. A family that is joined together and going out looking for the treasure 4, 5, or 10, or 50 times. Take a tent and sleeping bags, and your fishing pole and go out looking. That was my primary motive. (6:40)

Josh: Is this something you think that anybody could find?
Forrest: Well, anybody that’s physically able to get out in the mountains and walk through the country side, sure. But you have to start at the first clue. That starts the great adventure. (9:35)
(Nov 15)
Travel Channel – Expedition Unknown – Season 2 Episode 6
I suspect that by time the chest is found, someone is going to be very familiar with the general area of the chest’s location and fully appreciate whatever it is that Forrest finds so appealing about the location.
When all is said and done, comments from Forrest about finding his chest will not take you to the chest (that is what the poem is for); but when you know what Forrest HAS said about finding his million-$$$ prize, you can eliminate incorrect thinking and focus on the things which will make this challenge more understandable.  Get your copy of ‘Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn’ and get in the know of what Forrest has said for finding that special place where Indulgence resides. See you on the other side.