Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn

One of the big advantages that we searchers for Forrest Fenn’s treasure have is that he has been making many additional comments and answering numerous questions ever since he put forth his challenge to find his hidden treasure chest.  The big disadvantage that we searcher’s have is that all those comments and Q&A’s are spattered all over websites and webpages across the internet, and buried in numerous news stories, articles, write-ups, and audio and video recordings.

For those serious about the search and studying what Forrest has said, there is now ‘Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn’.  ‘Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn’ is a major work that has resulted in a collection of comments, statements, and Q&A’s made by Forrest Fenn, and by others, which are specifically about or directly related to finding Forrest’s treasure chest.

Two versions of ‘Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn’ have been created:

  • The first version is in chronological order (54 pages), separated between direct statements from Forrest and second person statements that are attributed to Forrest.
  • The second version is by topic (82 pages). Topics include: The Poem, Hints in the Book, A Word that is Key, The Importance of the First Clue, People getting Clues Correct, Parking and Getting to the Final Location, General Geography of the Treasure Chests Location, and many others.
  • Both are digital copies that are available for download shortly after purchase; the digital format allows for future updates to be easily made and distributed.
  • All quotes and statements are referenced and most have hyperlinks back to their sources.

    The benefit of the chronological order is that you are able to view the progression of Forrest’s comments over time.  You can see how his comments evolved over the years along with when he began talking about certain aspects of the chase.

    The version by topic is powerful in providing insight and understanding about various topics. You are able to read all the statements Forrest has made about a certain topic, allowing you to pick out trends and patterns in what he has said.  This helps to form a stronger understanding of the bigger picture of the Thrill of the Chase and elements worth considering (and ruling out) in finding the chest.

    Here is what Forrest had to say after reviewing the collections of his words: 

    ‘You did a masterful job collecting all of those words and melding them in such cohesion. But you forgot to add a quote that I like best of all.’
    “I reserve the right to be wrong once in a while.”
    ‘My treasure chest story, however, is exempt from that statement. Everything I said about it is true and it is still resting where I hid it.’
    - Forrest Fenn
    Hundreds and hundreds of hours of my time have gone into creating these two documents.  Significant time and effort has been spent going through the numerous websites to gather all this information together.  One of the most time intensive tasks of this work has been to transcribe many, many statements from audio and video recordings.  Additionally, there are a few comments that are not publicly available anywhere else. 

    With these many comments, statements, and Q&A’s of Forrest now available in one place, this will likely become a significant tool in moving forward the effort to find Forrest’s very special place where his treasure chest awaits.

    You can get your copies of the ‘Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn’ documents at  A special discount price is being offered through the end of January 2017. After that time, the price of the documents will go up to their full price.